Monday, 13 June 2016


Another thrilling episode of the titanic TRI-MAN, Criv-ite
chums!  Hopefully, more of you are enjoying this series than is
indicated by the number of comments, but we'll see it through to
the end regardless.  ("I've started, so I'll finish!")  Okay, let's see
what's happening to teenager JOHNNY SMALL's awesome
alias.  Feel free to leave a comment if you so desire!


John Pitt said...

Aharrr! Ye can't beat pirate comics!

Kid said...

Do you know why pirates are so mean, JP?

Because they just AARRRRH!

John Pitt said...

....And you know, don't you, that we have both used these very same remarks before, - on this blog!
But,....can you find them?

Kid said...

No...'cos I can't be bothered looking. Must've been some post that featured a pirate, I'd imagine. I'll let you do the research, JP.

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