Thursday, 30 June 2016


Here's a nicely drawn adaptation of The MUMMY'S HAND,
which appeared in MONSTER WORLD #2, 1965.  Illustrated
by RUSS JONES & JOE ORLANDO, it's a follow-up to the
previous issue's Jones & WALLY WOOD version of The
MUMMY.  I'll get around to posting that strip one day.


(Oops!  Typed 'Heath' when I meant 'Jones'.  Now fixed.)

And below is the cover for all you completists out there.


TC said...

I had Monster World #1 and #2. IIRC, I ordered #1 from a mail order ad in Famous Monsters of Filmland, and I bought a used copy of #2 in a local comic shop.

Monster World was practically identical to Famous Monsters. Both were bi-monthly, and I think they were staggered so they sort of alternated. Maybe FM came out in March, MW in April, FM in May, and so on. Don't know why they didn't just make FM monthly, which they eventually did anyway, sometime around 1970.

MW ran for ten issues. When Famous Monsters did go monthly, they "incorporated Monster World," and counted those as part of FM's run. Which is why FM skipped from issue #69 to #80.

Re: The Mummy's Hand, I'm not quite sure why they chose Tom Tyler to play Kharis. He was mainly known for Westerns, not horror films. He played secondary roles, often as villains, in big budget "A" Westerns (Stagecoach, The Westerner, Red River, San Antonio). In "B" Westerns, including the Three Mesquiteers series, he was a star, and usually played heroes. He also played Captain Marvel and The Phantom in serials, and there are posts about those somewhere on this blog (that Warren magazine about super hero movies).

Dick Foran also starred in B Westerns; I think he may have played a singing cowboy, like Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

IIRC, there was also a comic strip adaptation of Hammer's first Dracula movie, with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, in FM #32. I liked the comics, but evidently they were not popular, and were dropped.

Dunsade Dave said...

That is a thing of beauty, thanks for posting it, Kid! Really looking forward to seeing the Heath/Wally Wood combo now!

Kid said...

Your comments are always so full of info, TC, I should get you to write a guest post on something 'cos you'd include loads of facts that I'd leave out. (My middle name is 'Lazy'.) Regarding Hammer's Dracula, I'm sure I've got a British adaptation of it somewhere, drawn by Brian Lewis.


The version of the strip I have is from an '80 reprint mag about Wally Wood, so it's in colour, DD. You'll love it. (Now where did I put it again?)

Phil S said...

Nice art, thanks for posting the whole story.
They probably got Tom Tyler because he was a recognizable name and he fit the costume. And they couldn't get Karloff or Chaney.

Kid said...

I think it was a low-budget movie anyway, Phil - probably made for a fraction of the cost of the previous ones.

AirPiratePress said...

The UK adaptation of Dracula was in House of Hammer 1 and it was drawn by Paul Neary ... I don't recall Brian doing Dracula, unless you count (ha! ha!) the cameo appearance in Brian's Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (HoH4). John Bolton did Dracula - PoD in HoH6. That's all I can remember ...

Kid said...

Thanks, Al. I was pretty sure I had an adaptation of some Hammer movie or other, drawn by Brian, but I can't swear to anything anymore. The ol' memory, alas.

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