Thursday, 23 June 2016


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Sometimes I'm late to the party.  Case in point - I didn't
know about The NEW FRONTIER until relatively recently,
when a friend recommended it to me.  Even better, he gifted me
with a copy of this brand-spanking-new edition, which I've just
finished reading.  As you'll know, not that long ago, DARWYN
COOKE succumbed to cancer at the far-too young age of 53,
which means that the comics-buying public is denied any new
epics from this supremely-talented creator.  (And, sadder
yet, his family and friends no longer have the living
presence of someone they dearly loved.)

But his work endures, and I feel obliged - nay, privi-
leged - to recommend this superb superhero extravaganza
to all you eager Criv-ites out there who yearn for something
truly satisfying to read.  Trust me, this is no mere hype - you'll
absolutely love this tale, especially if you recall with fondness
the SILVER AGE DC titles to which this awesome epic pays
affectionate homage, while at the same time being entirely
suited to the tastes of a contemporary audience.

Sadly, Darwyn is off exploring the real 'final' frontier,
but he blazed a trail through this one with his fine works
of comicbook (and animation) excellence.  Do yourself a big
favour - rush right 'round to your local comicbook store and
plonk your paltry pounds into the palm of the purveyor of
this most worthy and valiant volume.

Honest - you won't regret it!


paul Mcscotty said...

So very sad that Darwyn passed away so young. Of all the books you have recommended I would say this is probably the best - I have all originals but might pick this up as well.

Kid said...

Loads of extras in it, PM - you'll love it.

Colin Brown said...

I was lucky to meet him and get this and other books signed at Kendal last year. Was really sad to hear the bad news. I would also recommend Selinas Big Score and especially the Parker books.

baab said...

Excellent book.
And a great artist.
I did not know he had died,a big loss to the comic-book world.

Phil said...

At San Diego we saw an art dealer who had a sketch that appears in the book in the extras. I told my son if he wanted it he would have to earn the money to buy it. He still hasn't bought it.

Kid said...

CB, I'll be looking out for the titles you recommended, that's for sure. Did you ever see the Superman story he did, scripted by Stan Lee? I think it was called 'Menace of the Phantom Quarterback!' - it's a hoot.


Yup, Baab, the comicbook world is the poorer for his loss.


Buy it for yourself, Phil, and make him jealous.

Philip Crawley said...

Hafta check this one out, thanks for bringing it to my attention.There are a lot of artists picking up on the graphic minimalist style of Bruce Timm but Darwyn seems to add a lot of his own style plus a dash of Alex Toth and Steve Rude in the line work and draughtsmanship. Like you say really captures the Silver Age DC vibe.

Kid said...

A bit of Timm, Rude, and a dash of Kirby too, PC. Definitely worth checking out.

Phil said...

And don't forget they made a direct to DVD cartoon using Cooke's art style. It's work picking up used for a few quid.
We had the good fortune to speak to Darwyn Cooke and asked him about the Spirit he worked on and why he left. He left because DC screwed a friend of his. He also had great stuff to say about modern comics in this clip

Kid said...

I've got the first ish of that DC Spirit mag, plus a Batman/Spirit one-shot he did. Never yet read them, but that's about to change.

Paul McScotty- Muir said...

I always thought Darwyn's art was a cross between Wally Wood, Timm and Kirby (in that order) with a massive dose of originality - The Superman tale "The Phantom Quarterback" was indeed written by Stan Lee (drawn by Cooke/ Bone) and was as you say, a wee hoot (based on an old Superman tale in issue 264 of "Superman") its well worth picking up for those that haven't read it.

Darwyn's last work (that I was aware of) was with Gilbert Hernandez (of "Love and Rockets" fame) "The Twilight Children" lovely art (his more cartoony art) I have the issues BUT just haven't read them all yet ( I always picked up anything I saw of his but missed the Batman / Spirit comic, darn it)

Kid said...

I don't really see Wally Wood in Darwyn's art, PM, although he sometimes did similar lighting effects on faces, but in his own style. Steve Rude is good at doing Jack Kirby positions, but not in an obvious Rich Buckler 'rip-off' way. I think I'll dig out my Spirit and Batman/Spirit mags tonight and give 'em a read. Onto eBay for you, m'lad.

Colin Brown said...

Kid - that Stan Lee Superman story is collected in the Graphic Ink book collecting Darwyn's DC lesser known shorter work and covers. It shows all the different styles he was capable of. A big gorgeous hardback - drop a hint to your FP pal (incidentally, the Glasgow branch is far superior to the Edinburgh one which is nearer to me).

Kid said...

I've got lots of pals in FP, CB - it's a very friendly place. I've got the original ish of that Superman tale, so that'll do me for now. Besides, I'm saving up my dosh for the Dr. Strange Omnibus edition - I can't afford everything. (Maybe one day.)

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