Friday, 25 March 2016


Anyone who buys any of the current PANINI/MARVEL mags
will know that, occasionally, there are no letters pages because of
a paucity of epistles from which to publish.  It's always been the case
that the proportion of readers who write in to a comic is a relatively tiny
one, which often made me wonder about British comics once including a
small 'favourites' coupon for readers to fill in and send with their letters
or jokes.  After all, there was no guarantee that the strips listed were
representative of the wider readership, so it was hardly an ideal
way of evaluating which strips were really the most popular.

Did you ever fill in one of those coupons and send it in to your
weekly comic?  Cast your mind back to childhood and see if you can
recall what your favourite strips were.  Here's a list of weeklies to jog
your memory:  BUSTER, WHAM!, SMASH!, POW!WHIZZER &
CHIPSCOR!!, WHOOPEE!WOW! - or any others you can think of.
Just think - the choice of the few determined the reading options of the
many.  Hardly fair perhaps, but how else can one even try to gauge the
popularity of a comic's contents?  Never sent one in?  Perhaps if you
had, that strip you liked which disappeared might've continued if
the editor had known more readers liked it.  H'mm.

  Okay, thinking caps on, typing fingers at the ready.   


Colin Jones said...

Before I discovered Marvel in late '74 I was reading the Topper and Beezer every week. My absolute favourite was Nick Kelly - but I never sent in any coupons to say so.

Kid said...

Send For Kelly - a great little strip. They should revive some of the classic strips and publish them in The Beano.

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