Saturday, 5 March 2016


For those interested in the history of American comicbooks 
(notice that I render the term as one word, just like STAN LEE),
this scintillating series of volumes by TwoMorrows Publishing sure
hits the spot.  Lavishly illustrated, each book explores a different decade
(with the swingin' '60s being accorded two tomes) from the '50s to the
'80s.  A fascinating and illuminating look at the history of the medium,
these five volumes are just what every true comicbook fan should
have on his bookshelf.  (If he's got a bookshelf that is.)

Available from your local FORBIDDEN PLANET store,
I'd get 'round there right away before their stock sells out.  As it's
bound to once people see this here post.  Read the spiel on the
back covers for further details about each book.


B Smith said...

Bookshelf? Add floor, top of filing cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes and desks and you're closer to it.

Kid said...

Actually, although I do have a couple of bookcases (and therefore the shelves), that's pretty much the same for me too, BS.

Philip Crawley said...

Ah yes, these I do have well, except for the 80s volume, that's when comics kinda lost me for a while for some reason. The 50s to the 70s is where the great stuff was anyway, for me. But that could have been because I discovered most of it in the heady days of the 60s and 70s and nothing leaves an impression like your first time, if you know what I mean. These volumes do bring it all back on leafing through them and I love that they cover all of the companies,not just DC and Marvel - Gold Key, Harvey, Carlton...etc. And I think it would be fair to say that most of us of a certain age would have the fruits of a lifetime of collecting jostling for space in some part of our house. Some items, in my case the Marvel Masterworks, these volumes and a few others, do sit in prime shelf position for easy (and regular) access. Good to have a wife who though not a collector herself, understands that her husband is!

Kid said...

Ah, but your wife IS a collector, PC - she collected YOU! And I'm sure she regards you as a collectors' item classic! Some nice images in these books, but I've still to sit down with just one and read it all the way through; I keep dipping in and out of all of them.

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