Monday, 7 March 2016


Seeing as how you've all been so well-behaved recently, I thought I'd
reward you with another DARE-A-DAY DAVY strip by KEN REID, so
here it is - from POW! #7, cover-dated March 4th 1967 - a staggering 49
years ago!  As to whether these strips were really based on readers' ideas or
not, I suspect that most of them were figments of the writer's imagination.
After all, each ish was prepared at least two months in advance, so the
first eight issues were done and dusted before #1 even went on sale.

Was your idea ever used, or do you know of anyone who submitted
one and won a pound for their efforts?  (I'm talking to much older Criv-
ites, obviously.)  Interestingly, MARC JUNG, who was the depute editor
of BUSTER in the mid-'80s, once admitted to me that they made many of
their letters up, as they simply didn't receive enough of them to fill a page.
Perhaps Pow! was the same.  Anyway, don't worry too much about that,
just enjoy Ken Reid's art at its lunatic best!  See you next time.

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