Monday, 28 March 2016


Image copyright D.C. THOMSON & Co., Ltd

From the DENNIS The MENACE book for 1962 comes this
Easter-themed tale of the world's wildest boy!  Eggs-actly what we
need on a day like this.  This page would've been a reprint from an
earlier issue of The BEANO - if you know which one, then con-
sider yourself a true comics fan!  (And probably an old one.)


Red shadow said...

Now hang on a minute, haven't I read this somewhere else?
Which came first bad penny or Dennis the Menace and how often did publisher plagiarise other companies strips?

Kid said...

As to your first question, yes (the Bad Penny strip). As to your second, I wouldn't know (as to frequency), but it undoubtedly did happen from time to time. It probably wasn't the publishers who were the culprits - more the writers. Sometimes of course, it would merely be coincidence.

(Yup, I revised my answer after I read the strip. Didn't read them before posting.)

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