Friday, 17 April 2015


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Do you remember when The DANDY was good - before
the awful abomination it became in the last few years of its exist-
ence?  Can you recall when well-drawn comic strips were the norm
and not the exception, and the artwork was clear and didn't induce a
headache while trying to discern what you were looking at?  When the
lettering was legible and not an ugly scrawl that made your eyes hurt?
Then you'd have loved the 2000th issue that hit the shops in 1980,
and which was typical of the high-standard to which the pe-
riodical was produced week after week for many years.

And now, thanks to a generous benefactor who gave me the
issue today, you can now peruse perfect examples of strip art at
its finest, when The Dandy was still a name to be reckoned with in
the days when Britain had a comics industry to speak of;  before the
title became a shadow of itself that drove readers away in their many
thousands and those responsible for hastening its demise denied any
culpability and behaved like prima-donnas who deserved saint-
hood rather than the blame which was so rightly theirs.

Of course, we're all trying to forget that dreadful period
of the comic's history - some folk for different reasons than
others.  So enjoy these humorous, well-drawn pages from a time
when talented and experienced cartoonists who knew what they
were doing regularly entertained their readers, and The Dandy
was held in high esteem by kids and parents alike.

Wanna argue?


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

It's a pity some of the older classics didn't have the lovely colour printing and paper stock of the newer version would have been nice to have seen Leo Baxendales etc work in that format.

Kid said...

I'm in two minds about that, McScotty. On the one hand, I agree with your sentiment, but on the other, most of these strips were so well drawn that colour, 'though nice, would've been a bonus, not a necessity. It was all about keeping costs down back then, and it worked for a good number of years.

John Pitt said...

I don't know why, probably because that's how I remember them at their best, but I PREFER certain comics on the cheaper pulp paper. Just save the better glossy paper for the summer specials!

Kid said...

Maybe that's why Summer Specials died out, JP. When the weekly comics became just as colourful, there was nothing 'special' about the Specials.

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