Sunday, 19 April 2015


Are you of a nervous disposition?  Do you scare easily?
Are you always looking behind you at the slightest noise?
Them lean forward and listen closely - I've got something to
say to you.  Now, I don't want you to be alarmed, but...

Okay, now that I've got your attention (don't worry, I'll
wait 'til you come down off the ceiling), I just wanted to say
that, with this instalment, we've now completed  our gallery
of all 15 issues of SCREAM!, first published over 30
years ago by IPC MAGAZINES.

So - I'll leave you to it then.

Unfortunately, because there was no issue  #16, the
fourth part of the above poster was never published
(as far as I know)

And just when you thought it was safe to look under
the bed, here are all 5 covers to the Holiday Specials.
Right, off to the bathroom cabinet with you and have your
tranquilisers.  Sleep tight - and ignore the tapping on your
window - you don't want to know what's out there,
believe me.  You really don't.



John Pitt said...

Brilliant gallery, Kid. Looking back now, I only had the first special, don't remember seeing any of the other four.
They (IPC) really should have put part 4 of "Monsters of the Deep" on the back of one of the Eagles.
Was there ever a Scream annual?

Anonymous said...

I assume "Holiday Special" means a Summer special, does it ? It doesn't actually say what holiday or what year.

Kid said...

No, there was never a Scream! Annual, JP. I'm surprised they never put one out, as both Thunder and Jet had Annuals (3 in Thunder's case) and they only lasted 22 issues each.


'Summer' and 'Holiday' were interchangeable. CJ, although I'm not sure when the latter came to be used more than the former. Perhaps it was so the mag didn't look out of place on the newsagent shelves in the middle of winter, if it hadn't sold in the summer. I don't think any Specials ever carried the date on the cover.

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