Monday, 27 April 2015


Here's a little 'comic' relief (pun intended) in the form of part
three of our WHIZZER & CHIPS Annual cover gallery.  There's
just something about these colourful images that conjures up memories
of the past, particularly around Christmas, when these books were
usually given as Yuletide presents to eager children everywhere.

Did you have one of these bumper books when you were a
kid?  Don't hold back now, share your happy reminiscences
with your fellow Criv-ites.  Remember - it's your duty!


John Pitt said...

Did you get examples of every UK 70's & 80's humour title, Kid? For me, after W&C, I read some For, Whoopee and Wow, but then I missed a lot until Oink came out. So there are a lot of titles I have never even perused, like Shiver & Shake, Jackpot and Monster & School Fun, etc.

Kid said...

Don't know about 'every', but I bought Shiver & Shake, Monster Fun, Whoopee, Wow!, Buzz, etc. I didn't always buy them for long, but enough to get a taste of them.

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