Sunday, 25 January 2015


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I never bought the first nine issues of STAR HEROES Pocket
Book - if indeed I even saw them!  I think I did see the first issue (or
an ad for it), but decided against buying it because I wasn't really into
science fiction comics.  At the beginning of 1981, walking from Southsea
into Portsmouth town centre, I spied the tenth issue in a shop and bought
it immediately.  The reason?  See for yourself - the original X-MEN!  As
with some of the other pocket books, it was like reading '60s comic
FANTASTIC all over again, and my then-youthful little heart
skipped a beat in anticipation of re-living my childhood.

I've now got all these stories in full-colour MARVEL MASTER-
WORKS and OMNIBUS volumes, as well as various other reprints,
but I couldn't part with my PBs because of the particular time in my life
that they represent to me.   Madness I know, but they've got a charm of
their own, even 'though they were far from perfect in their reproduction
of these classic strips.  I also acquired the next two or three issues in
Southsea/Portsmouth, and that's where I tend to think of whenever
I look at these cracking covers from a long-gone era.

The very same covers that you're now about to savour, O
dribbling Criv-ites, so I won't hold you back any longer - go to
it, frantic ones!  And be sure to let me know what you think of
them in the comments section!  Lines are now open!

Okay, okay, chill out!  There's no need to shout.  Here's
the first nine issues of the title to complete the set.


Colin Jones said...

I had Star Heroes No.1 but I'm not sure about any others - I wouldn't have bought the X-Men ones anyway as I thought the original team were really boring. I'd read a few of their stories in The Titans and I'm not surprised the original team were dispensed with.

Kid said...

Och, your @rse, CJ. The early X-Men tales were brilliant. It must be true 'cos I say so!

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I have to agree with Colin re the early X-Men strips I could never get into them at all despite Kirbys involvment in the earlier issues - I would have like the first few isuses of Star Heroes if they had Michael Goldens art in them on Micronauts. Nice selection of covers thhough the fact the lasted so long must have menat that there was an audience for the old stories

Kid said...

I can't look at the early X-Men tales without thinking of Fantastic and my childhood at the time, so that's probably part of why I like them. That said, I could never get into the new X-Men, which is why I was glad when the originals returned in X-Factor. (No, not the TV show.)

John Pitt said...

Why Col & McScotty prefer the new X-Men compared to the original is that they are both far too YOUNG! to have actually grown up with the start of the X-Men from day 1. I had discovered them before Fantastic, but when it came out and I got the chance to start again at the beginning, well it wasn't long before it became my favourite Marvel strip. All those little sub plots with the rivalry over Jean, Warren's immaturity at first and gradually watching him grow up and become reliable. I could have read the X-Men at home without any villains!!
So, it's the Original team every time for me, which is why I loved this pb so much and why I am thrilled to download this entire gallery! Thanks, Kid, - loving this series!

Gerry said...

Loved the story with the mimic :)

Kid said...

Actually, McScotty's an 'old fogey' like us, JP - well into his '50s. Walks with a zimmer frame too, I hear. All the actual covers to Fantastic and Terrific are on the blog somewhere.


I loved them all, Gerry.

John Pitt said...

Yes Folks, the best galleries of Fantastic and Terrific on the internet can be found in the archives of this very blog! They're ALL there, including all the back-page pin-ups, the Summer Special, Annuals - the lot!
For all you youngsters and newer readers, why not treat your eyes and see what you missed?!

Kid said...

And for some of you older readers, I even posted the first Captain Hurricane strip well over a year ago, at this post: - pays to have a browse, you know.

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