Thursday, 22 January 2015


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The American version of The INCREDIBLE HULK mag
lasted for only six issues when it was released back in the '60s.  In
the '80s, the British Pocket Book sized monthly mag managed to hold
on for thirteen before it came to an end, undoubtedly (like its State-side
counterpart) due to disappointing sales.  It wasn't helped by some of the
reproduction being awful, with line drop-out from weak source material
and poor printing.  Some of the re-sized pages obscured by Zipatone
and first published in '70s weekly comic The MIGHTY WORLD
Of MARVEL were also used, which, in the reduced dimensions
of the pocket books, looked pretty terrible.

However, it wasn't all bad, and some of the stories reproduced
quite well, reminding me of a smaller version of U.K. weekly comics
SMASH! and FANTASTIC, in which I'd first read most of these tales
back in the '60s.  Anyway, thirteen's supposed to be unlucky, but not
for you, as you now have the pleasure of perusing this passel of
pulsating piccies from the palpitating past!  Go to it, pilgrim!

I can now no longer recall if I bought this and the following issue in my
home town or, having missed them, bought them in Southsea or Ports-
mouth at the beginning of 1981.  A friend who was with me bought them,
and I may've bought them again to have extra copies.  The cover from a
spare copy of #4 (below) has adorned my bedroom wall since back then.

I bought this one in Portsmouth and remember reading it
on the ferry on the way over to the Isle of Wight in 1981


John Pitt said...

I used to love these digests. Great v.f.m., but a shame they were chopped. Please feel free to post any more titles you have.

Colin Jones said...

I don't remember a Hulk pocket book at all - I definitely remember the first ones that came out in 1980 which were FF, Spider-Man, Star Heroes and Chiller, did you have any of those, Kid ? All the first issues of those gave an address where you could send letters but no letters pages ever appeared. I think FF Pocket Book No.1 featured a reprint of Reed and Sue's wedding but I'm not absolutely sure. But if I remember correctly all the FF pocket books featured stories from the Lee/Kirby/Sinnott days in the mid '60s.

Kid said...

Will do, JP.


FF #1 did indeed feature Reed & Sue's wedding, CJ. There was also a Titans PB. I've got examples of the otheres you mention, too.

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