Friday, 9 January 2015


For no other reason than to keep Sean Green happy,
here are the final four tales from SUPER DC #s 13 & 14.  Of
course, doubtless other Criv-ites will likewise be thrilled to now
have the complete set of text stories from the British monthly
which graced newsagents' spinner-racks way back in 1970.
(And perhaps nudged into '71.)

When I find my Bumper Book, I'll scan the text stories from
that and put them up in a future post.  Then you can rest happy,
secure in the knowledge that life is good and it was I who made
it so.  (Hey, I'll take credit for anything that's going!  How else
will I get my name up in lights?  Apart from changing it to
'Exit', that is.)   


John Pitt said...

As well as Sean, you have made JP very happy too! And I look forward to the bumper book stories as well.
Thanks, Kid!

Kid said...

Nae Bother, JP.

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