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Having had this comic in 1975, when I recently saw it on eBay
I decided to re-acquire it.  I couldn't recall much about it, but, hey 
 it's the 100th ish so it was sure to have something of interest relating
to its celebratory status.  Nope, not a thing!  That blurb you see on
the cover is all you get!  No editorials, no articles, zilch!

Still, having bought it, I thought I'd better give you a glimpse
of the contents.  That's not my mistake regarding the indicia page,
by the way - it really did appear on the splash page of the second
story instead of (as is usually the case) the first.

So cop a gander at The AVENGERS #100!  It's a little piece
of history, even 'though MIGHTY MARVEL didn't make much
noise about it at the time.  (Not like them to be so shy, is it?)


Colin Jones said...

In my opinion when two comics merged they became a new comic - this is not The Avengers No.100 it's The Avengers & The Savage Sword of Conan No.6 :)

Kid said...

Nope, it's definitely #100. It says so twice on the cover.

baab said...

Barry Smith and Gil Kane.
I enjoyed the contents of this issue,the cover is as bad as they sometimes could be.

John Pitt said...

You know who was the best placed co-stàr ever for The Avengers weekly?
WHO? - (I can hear eveyone shouting!)
Answer : Dr. Strange!
- Because it was two-thirds of "TERRIFIC!"

Kid said...

Not one of their best, is it, Baab?!


Well spotted, JP.

Gerry said...

that splash page was one drawn for the UK reprints by Dan Adkins, I have a scan of the original art somewhere . . .

Kid said...

Nice use of blacks, Gerry, but I wish he could've emulated Smith's style so that the difference was less obvious.

Gerry said...

yeah, its a nice drawing though :)

Kid said...

Yus indeedy.

baab said...

There were quite a few lazy covers on the uk covers Kid,which did reduce the thrill for me slightly,but the contents made up for it ,most of the time.

Did Dan Adkins work over a Barry Smith layout or draw it from scratch?
That is a nice roster of 'Embellishers'.

You know,I liked Barry Smith when it was heavy on the blacks.

As a kid I did not mind his Kirby/Steranko style,it looks a bit stiff to me now.

I also thought jack Kirby reproduced well in the smaller pages of The Titans comic.
The Inhumans especially.
I remember it had a big wow factor for me.

And when Barry inked Jack in the Captain America treasury edition I remember really liking that in Pettycur Bay, Fife in a caravan in the summer.....here we go again......It may be time to read that one.
Been saving it.
The reminiscing has begun.

Oh and the Conan treasury ......

and the ..


Kid said...

I've got a reprint of that full story somewhere, Baab, but not to hand. It's entirely possible that Dan based his splash page on the last panel of the first half of the story in the previous week's issue, but until I find my Dark Horse reprint book, I won't know for sure. However, it wasn't uncommon to do that when it came to the splash page for the second half of a story.

cerebus660 said...

That splash page probably is all Dan Adkins' work. There is a small panel halfway through the story depicting Conan and co. riding into the glen to discover the monoliths, but it's from a totally different angle and doesn't look half so impressive.

Adkins is often remembered more as an inker but was a really talented artist in his own right. He did like his swipes, though...

baab said...

Of course,I forgot we are discussing the uk comics.
Splash pages were as you say.

Kid said...

He certainly did, Cer. Which is why he was such a good fit for Woody's art; he also liked his swipes.


As you say, Baab, 'twas (sometimes) as I say. I like it when I'm right.

Dougie said...

In those days of course, it would seem bizarre to actually have Shang-Chi and Dr. Strange in an Avengers roster!

Kid said...

I dunno, Dougie. Once upon a time I never thought Spidey would ever be an Avenger, but now - well, just goes to show. It was a pretty bizarre line-up for a comic back then 'though.

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