Friday, 1 August 2014


Images copyright DC COMICS & TOPPS

Remember the TOPPS BATMAN cards from the '60s?
The cards came with a vile piece of 'confectionary' (which I used
to discard), and were released on the back of the popular TV series of
the time.  There were three sets of cards in all, and the originals are highly
collectable in certain quarters, commanding quite tidy prices from Batman
aficionados.  Topps re-released the cards in a deluxe boxed edition in 1989,
to coincide with the TIM BURTON/MICHAEL KEATON movie, and
they're also highly regarded by collectors.  They're almost identical to the
originals (might be slightly larger and on better card stock, although I'm
not sure), the main difference being that the copyright is accredited
PUBLICATIONS, INC. (as they were then known).

Incidentally, it amazes me that the deluxe edition came out 25
years ago, which is a longer period of time than the one between
them and the originals.  It just doesn't feel like it to me.
Anyway, have a swatch at the first half dozen, and if you'd
like to see more, let me know in the comments section.


david_b said...

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED these as a kid.. I had a dozen in a huge box of cards someone 'handed me down' around 1970, and that 2nd card of Robin was always my all-time fav (next to the Bat-Signal one with Robin pointing..).

I did pick up the reissued set from '89 and they simply awesome.

Kid said...

Nice to know that you've enjoyed seeing them again, DB. Nostalgia's the name of the game.

John Pitt said...

Now you're talking! I had all 3 sets in full, plus a further 2 sets from the TV series and/or film. I handed them down to my brother, who has still got them to this day and says he could never part with them.
I have downloaded images of all the sets from It's not the same as having the cards, but it's a close second.
I may try and find a reissue '89 set on eBay though.

Kid said...

I saw a set going for around £25 (I think) a couple or so months back, JP. They shouldn't be too hard to acquire, I wouldn't imagine.

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