Friday, 22 August 2014


We recently reached the end of a look back at the American version
of THE THING's own mag, but we still have a few issues of the British
incarnation to work through.  It only lasted for 18 weeks so can hardly
be considered a success, but I've got to fill these posts with something
so it might as well be this.

This time around, I've only included the splash pages of the stories
(which were split into two or three parts) and left out the 'recap' pages
in the subsequent issues.  Don't despair 'though - still here is HUNT
EMERSON's DONALD DOGFLY to amuse and entertain you. 

I think it was an unwise editorial decision to utilise the issue's main
splash page as the cover illustration for #9, because not only is it an
extremely un-dynamic image for a cover, it tends to make blogs like
this look like they're 'stuttering' when the images are re-presented
30 years later.

Anyway, two more posts will complete this particular
series, so hope to see you back here then - if not sooner.


Colin Jones said...

Kid, if you're looking for things to put on the blog don't forget some more issues of Marvel Superheroes (the UK monthly) and that run of Captain Britain from 1976/77 that you seem to have forgotten about ! That close-up cover and splash page of Ben Grimm looks very Kirbyesque in style to me - exactly like Kirby used to draw him, perhaps it's just my imagination though. In recent years I've discovered that Ben is supposed to be Jewish - he had a long overdue Bar Mitzvah (or something) in one issue I read. Was this ever mentioned in the '60s/'70s as I don't remember anything about it. Perhaps it was supposed to be obvious and it just went over my head.....?

John Pitt said...

One of the things I love about your blog is the fact that UK and US comics are given equal importance for those of us who love ALL things comic-related. It doesn't matter if a particular title was a resounding success or not! If they existed please continue to show us them. Cheers.

Kid said...

Ben's ethnicity wasn't mentioned in the '6os that I'm aware of, CJ. I don't think Stan or Jack bothered about who was supposed to be what in that regard. As for the '70s, I'm not quite sure if Ben being Jewish was ever mentioned or not.


Gasp! You mean there's MORE than ONE thing you love about this blog, JP? Some people don't think there's EVEN one thing to love about it. (Obviously they have no taste.)

John Pitt said...

Oh yes, there's more! Continue giving me what I want and I will tell you!

karl said...

Brilliant, brilliant post, Kid.
I love the Ff like no other and these covers bring tears to my eyes [only cause I am old enough to remember them, lol].
Love that splash where Ben is lying in a hospital bed and the form says 'BJ' [lol].
Really excellent post today.

Kid said...

Good to know that someone enjoyed it as much as you did, Karl. Thanks for letting me know.


I'd better dig out some more episodes of the Dolls of Doom then, I suppose, JP.

mlp said...

Benjy's my favorite comic character, hands down.
Batman is a very distant second...
Y'know, those two guys did run into each other in a crossover some years back.
Batman was speechless, Ben did all the talkin'.

Kid said...

Y'know, I have to be honest - I preferred the morose, surly, anti-social Thing of the first few issues of the FF, Mlp. I wasn't too keen on the wise-cracking teddy bear he later became.

John Pitt said...

Another thing I love is the way you personally try ( and succeed! ) to please your readers!

Kid said...

Yes, I'm an ingratiating little b*st*rd - just can't help myself.

DeadSpiderEye said...

Issue 10 is a peach, The Thing in hospital, in bed with the, not quite emblazoned, sting "The Visitor [exclamation mark]". Er yeah, that one's gonna fly of the news stands.

Kid said...

Yeah, some of these covers just didn't convey the action and excitement that was surely meant to be contained within.

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