Monday, 18 August 2014


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JOHN BYRNE did his best, but The THING's solo mag
failed to set the comicbook world on fire and fizzled out after 36
issues.  Perhaps if he'd drawn it himself as well as writing it, it may
have had a longer run, but there's no guarantee of that.  I continued to
buy it from start to finish, but apart from the occasional ish, there was
really nothing memorable about the series.  Having said that, it's still
worth looking back on as an example of what comics were like
back in the early to mid '80s, art-wise.

Anyway, enjoy this glimpse into yesterday and, if you like
what you see, be sure to come back for the sixth and final part -
coming soon, on this, the finest blog you're ever likely to read -
whenever you've absolutely nothing better to read, that is.


Colin Jones said...

I don't like his costume - a leotard and boots, yuk !

Kid said...

Maybe it was so the artist could avoid having to draw all those rocks on his skin, CJ. (I passed on the obvious retort - "Don't wear them then!")

Colin Jones said...

Kid, on the subject of why The Thing only lasted 36 issues - could it be that without the FF and without the interest generated by a new "Two-In-One" partner every month the Thing was - shock, horror - a bit boring ?

Kid said...

Could well be, CJ, but I think it was mainly because the stories were a bit boring anyway - with or without the FF or monthly guest star.

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