Friday, 15 August 2014


Take a look at the above cover - ADAM ADAMANT and ORLANDO
takes me right back to the '60s as I used to watch both programmes when I
was a kid.  If I remember correctly, Orlando (SAM KYDD) was a spin-off
from CRANE, which starred  PATRICK ALLEN.  (Curiously, I seem to
remember the name of the show as 'This Man Crane' - wonder why?)

However, that's not what I want to talk about in relation to this TV COMIC
Annual for 1968 (released in '67), which I received today.  No, look at the
DALEKS in the bottom left-hand corner - as far as I can determine, although
they had appeared in the weekly, this was the only time that they appeared
on and in the actual Annual, making it a nice little collectors' item.

In the following tale, note that the Daleks appear to speak even after their
metal casings are destroyed, giving the impression that the Doctor and his
companions haven't actually killed them. (And it's highly unlikely that rocks
hurled by mere humans would ever have been capable of inflicting the level
of damage displayed.)  Incidentally, the strip looks like the work of artist
PATRICK WILLIAMS to me.  Can anybody confirm?

One great thing about this book is that it's got a fair number of MIGHTY
MOTH strips, drawn by the dashing DICK MILLINGTON, and they're
very funny indeed.  I'll be showing some of them in upcoming posts, so stay
tuned, to this, the absolutely best blog called CRIVENS! that you've ever
read.  (Or perhaps you just look at the pictures?)


John Pitt said...

These look like they are drawn by the artist who did the Wall's ice lolly cards. Never seen this strip before, so thanks for posting it.

Kid said...

I believe the cards were by the same artist, JP, but I misremembered his name as Pat Nichols, instead of Pat Williams. I've corrected it. (My ol' memory's failing me.)

John Pitt said...

Do you also have the previous annual? My brother used to have it and I'd like to see the 2 DW strips again. I don't believe they were ever reprinted in Classic Comics either.

Kid said...

Unfortunately, I don't have that one, JP - but I'll be keeping a look out for it now.

John Pitt said...

Correction, it was the '69 annual be used to have, not the '67!

Kid said...

I think I'll try getting some more '60s TV Comic Annuals, JP - they're rather nice.

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