Sunday, 17 August 2014


As promised, here is the second part of COUNTDOWN #1 for
you to drool over.  If you caught part one, you now have the complete
issue of this collectors' item classic.  I could drone on and on, giving you
some background to the comic, but why bother?  If you're interested,
you can buy STEVE HOLLAND's new book, COUNTDOWN TO
TV ACTION, which you can read more about by clicking here.
(Better be quick 'though - it's a limited edition.)

Feel free to share any memories of Countdown/TV Action you
have if you bought the comic back in the day.  Which version did you
prefer - the GERRY ANDERSON orientated one, or the revamped,
wider-based TV adventure comic?  Let us all know.


John Pitt said...

Well that's another first edition to thank you kindly for. I didn't find out about Countdown until a few issues before the name change, so never seen it before. I have it now, though. Cheers!

Kid said...

What I can't figure out, JP, is why part two has only had around half the hits of part one. Surely readers want to see the whole issue? Glad to have helped expand your collection.

John Pitt said...

That IS weird! Who could only read half a comic and not want to see the other half? Has everybody else already got it? Surely nobody DISLIKES it!

Kid said...

It's a mystery, JP, but quite common on this blog. Whenever I post a comic in two parts, the first part usually gets at least twice as many hits as the second.

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