Sunday, 17 August 2014


I love MIGHTY MOTH.  Surely every right-thinking comics
reader feels the same in regard to the diminutive lepidopteran, who
appeared in the pages of TV COMIC for just over 25 years.  DICK
MILLINGTON created, wrote and drew the strip (which appeared
for the first time in issue #384, cover-dated June 14th 1959), and the
formula was pretty much the same as that of ODHAMS' (and later
IPC/FLEETWAY'sFRANKIE STEIN , in that 'dad' was
always trying to rid himself of his unwanted 'house guest'.

Anyway, in my efforts to share my comic strip treasures with
all you panting panelologists, here are another two Mighty Moth
escapades from the TV Comic Annual for 1968, to give you
a chuckle or three and lighten and brighten your day.

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