Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Sadly it's been reported over on NIGEL PARKINSON's
blog that JIM PETRIE, who drew the MINNIE THE MINX
strip in THE BEANO from 1962 to 2001, died yesterday.  (And a
little part of everyone who ever enjoyed his work died with him.)
It would be nice if D.C. THOMSON released a Minnie Special
featuring Jim's work as a tribute to one of their longest-
serving artists.  Let's hope they read this, eh?


(Different sources give the date of Jim taking over Minnie
as either '61, '62 or '63, so I've plumped for the middle one.
Jim's last Minnie strip was drawn in 2000, but appeared in
the cover-dated January 13th 2001 issue.)


Colin Jones said...

I thought Minnie the Minx was in the Beano...? I could have sworn she was in the Beano annuals I used to get in the '70s. I never used to read the Dandy and when I switched to Marvel comics I continued to get DC Thompson annuals for a few years but it was only the Beano, Beezer and Topper annuals but not the Dandy (as I remember) and yet I clearly remember reading Minnie the Minx.

Kid said...

OF COURSE Minnie appeared in The Beano. It even says Beano artist in the picture. I KNEW it was The Beano, but I typed The Dandy. See how horribly scarred (and absent-minded) I've become by the abomination that The Dandy turned into in its last two years? Oh, wait a minute - I should have said it was a deliberate mistake and well-done for spotting it. (All fixed now.)

Mr Straightman said...

Always loved his work, he always gave of his very best and managed to make even the most sedentary of frames look absolutely bursting with life.

Kid said...

All true, Lee, but I always preferred Bad Penny or Beryl the Peril to Minnie for some reason.

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