Saturday, 23 August 2014


The new DOCTOR WHO series starts tonight, so as a starter
course, here's a four page strip drawn by PATRICK WILLIAMS
from the 1968 TV COMIC Annual.  That conveyor belt must have
been moving at a speed of an inch an hour for the Mammoths to rescue
him in time, and the Doc remains coldly unmoved when one apparently
comes a cropper at the hands of the TRODS, who were obvious stand-
ins for the DALEKS.  He was also surely a little cavalier in luring them
into danger in the first place, which is somewhat at odds with his
TV persona of the time.  Anyway - enjoy!


John Pitt said...

Although I didn't have this annual, I have seen Page 1, panel 2 somewhere before ( perhaps Altered Vistas ).
Somebody, somewhere described the Trods as, " the Daleks, but not scary! " - which just about sums them up!

Kid said...

Anything to save on the fee for using the Daleks, I suppose, JP.

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