Friday, 15 August 2014


Ee, champion!  Today's babe is the awesome
ALEXANDRA BASTEDO,  a smashing, sexy,
sultry, sensational siren of the '60s.  She played
SHARRON MacREADY in some TV show or
other about a trio of super-powered agents.
What was the name of it again?


baab said...

The Champions.
Probably my first experience of a t.v. sci-fi super-group.
Luckily for me I had a younger brother and sister to play the supporting parts.
Another one of those amazing theme tunes as well.

On a side note,I recently watched the opening episodes of Timeslip.
The intro was done by Peter Fairley,who I think was the itv science man.
So when I watched I believed it was true.
Peter Fairley makes some quite wild statements regarding deja-vu and time at the beginning.

Kid said...

Regarding Timeslip, I'm probably completely wrong, but I seem to remember that when it was first shown in Scotland, the intro was by some Scottish equivalent of Peter Fairley. At least, it was someone that would be better known by a Scots audience. Probably ny memory playing tricks on me, but it's always been a strong impression I've had.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, I'd never have recognized her if you hadn't said who it was - she looks completely different from her appearance in The Champions. I first saw the series on BBC2 about 20 years ago and Ms. Bastedo and the American fella (Stuart somebody) looked suitably heroic but the third one (William somebody) looked a bit out of place to me.

Kid said...

That's strange, CJ - I think she looks exactly like she did in The Champions. Incidentally, it was Stuart Damon you're thinking of. You're right, in that William Gaunt didn't exactly look like an obvious hero, but maybe that was deliberate.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Stunning looking lady so sad she passed away so (relatively) young.

Kid said...

Indeed, McScotty. And at the beginning of this year, if I recall correctly.

Britt Reid said...

Alexandra also appeared on The Starlost along with Walter (Chekov) Koenig in 1973

DeadSpiderEye said...

It's a great snap, perhaps the unkempt hair is what threw Colin off, she always exhibited a stiff, mid sixties coiffure in The Champions, replete with hair pieces and too much make-up. Here she's captured with a certain dissatisfy that is perhaps a mite suggestive, something that is accentuated by the sublime expression. A real class act, shame we didn't see more of her.

Kid said...

Thanks for that, Britt. I'll be sure to take a look, as, no doubt, will others.


I saw more of her, DSE. (I've got a topless pic. Must be from a movie, but not for show on the blog.)

baab said...

re Timeslip.
I found it to be a really strange and chilling 'kids' show.
And I find the intro mysterious indeed.
I would love to know if the switch to a scottish presented intro was fact.
Any reason why this would have a 'strong impression' on you?
Have you ever watched the intro since then?
The wording is extreme.

Kid said...

I seem to recall me knowing who the presenter was (someone like Bill Tennant perhaps), whereas, although his name is familiar, I'm not quite sure I'd have known who Peter Fairley was back then. I saw the programme again a year or so later, and have watched it a couple of times since on DVD. I suspect that I probably just misremembered who it was, and that it was actually Peter Fairley all along.

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