Friday, 23 September 2011


Here's the second part of The PERRY RHODAN FILES, featuring
more covers from his 1967 comic and some photographic stills from the
movie based on the characters and concepts.  Try as I might, I can't really
generate any enthusiasm for the comic - it just seems well below par.  And
the movie doesn't look up to much either, to be honest.  If anyone wants
to weigh in with their opinions on why ol' Perry was the greatest thing
since sliced bread, then feel absolutely free.

Assuming that anyone is interested, be sure to tune in again for
Part Three whenever I can't think of anything else to write about.
The blonde sure looks okay 'though, doesn't she?


John Pitt said...

Did you ever post part 3 , I can't seem to find it in my time machine? JP

Kid said...

Haven't yet, JP - it didn't seem to garner too much interest. Will do one day.

Marionette said...

Perry Rhodan wasn't a comic, originally (although I think one came later). It was a weekly magazine that would have an entire, novel-length story in each issue.

There was an American translation of the first hundred or so in the 1970s, published in paperback, maybe ten of which had a British edition. It had some nice ideas but was quite variable in quality, having multiple writers.

Kid said...

M, I readily confess that I don't know much about the character, only that which I gleaned from the folder letter and the internet, but I have to say that the comics I showcased weren't that great looking. I try (and often fail) to be quite diverse on this blog, but I found it hard to generate much interest in the character. Not only in my own case, but as you can see from the limited responses, others as well. Thanks for sharing.

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