Thursday, 29 September 2011


When I was at secondary school, my main claim to fame was
drawing POPEYE.  My classmates were always pleading with me
in earnest tones, "Draw Popeye, Robson, draw Popeye!"  They were
entranced by the sailor's image coming to life on the page (in the back
of a school jotter usually) with only a few deft scribbles.  The celebrity
status accorded me, the adulation bestowed upon my exalted self, the
adoring awe in which I was held - it was almost intoxicating as I
strode heroically through the school corridors.

"Look!", cried lesser pupils as I passed, prostrating themselves
in obeisance, "Tis the Mighty Robson, he who is to be regarded as
unto a god by we lowly mortals!  All hail the Mighty Robson!"  Even
teachers aligned themselves with the 'Cult of The Robson' as it came
to be known;  I often used to hear them refer to me (in hushed tones
and from a respectful distance naturally) as "a bit of a cult!"

Well, okay - I might, perhaps, have indulged in the slightest bit
of hyperbole halfway through that little reminiscence, but only a
tad.  The reality was pretty close to how I recall.  (Cough!)

Anyway, I've continued to draw Popeye from time to time
over the years, and above is a picture I whipped up for someone-
or-other in the 1990s.  DUNN KWIK is one of many pseudonyms
I use on occasion, the afore-mentioned being reserved for stuff
    produced in a bit of a hurry.  Still - not too shabby, is it?   


Martin said...

When I was at secondary school, I seemed to spend most of my time trying avoid lads who bore an uncanny resemblance to Bluto.

Kid said...

When I was at secondary school, I spent a lot of my time trying to avoid GIRLS who bore an uncanny resemblance to Bluto. Why'd they always seem to single ME out?

Hackers said...

Spot on rendering of the heroic spinach muncher!

Kid said...

Ta much. I was quite pleased with it.

John Pitt said...

Never mind the picture , - just WHO IS that beautiful girl in the middle ?

Kid said...

She's a darlin', ain't she? Ah, be still my beating heart!

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