Wednesday, 21 September 2011


As the proud possessor of every DENNIS THE MENACE book
ever printed, I greeted the news that there's to be no regular Dennis book
this year with mixed emotions. On the one hand I'm disappointed that his
annual escapades have ended; on the other I'm somewhat relieved to be
able to write 'finis' to a collection which stretches back to the mid-'50s
and is now complete.

However, do not despair, fellow Dennis-lovers. D.C. THOMSON
have released this beautifully bound hardback volume showing Dennis
at his very best, with comic capers from his earliest appearances in THE
BEANO, right up to his modern-day madcap meanderings. (Also includes
other features and strips.) What's more, as well as a DVD containing two
of Dennis's TV cartoons, the book also includes a separate, good-quality
complete reproduction of his first Beano appearance back in 1951.

Dennis may be 60 years old, but he's still the world's wildest boy
at heart. Don't miss this superb collectors' item - available now from all
good bookshops. Priced at £12.99, it can be ordered direct from DCT
for £9.99. Also, some shops are bound to include it in a 'buy one, get
one half-price' deal in conjunction with other books, so be sure
to shop around. 

ISBN # 9781-1-84535-462-2  


Allan said...

Glad to hear this is coming out -- I'm off to the shops first thing tomorrow and do my bit to swell the DCT coffers.

It worries me immensely that one day soon a Dandy cover will feature the immortal strap line, "Great news inside for every reader!" and, on that day, a little of me will die inside...

Kid said...

Let's hope that never happens, Allan. I'm sure everyone would feel the same as you if it did.

Hope you enjoy the book - it's well worth having.

Hackers said...

Looks like my pockets will be a little bit lighter now... thanks for the heads up Kid (you have ALL the Dennis annuals? Wow!).

Kid said...

Yup, but there aren't as many as you'd think. They came out every TWO years up until the mid-'80s (when they became yearly), and there were none issued between the 1978 and '83 editions.

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