Thursday, 11 April 2019


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As everyone and their granny will know, DETECTIVE COMICS reached its 1000th issue recently, celebrating 80 years of The BATMAN.  I ordered the BERNIE WRIGHTSON variant cover, but I was unaware until now that ALEX ROSS had also illustrated one, a homage to BOB KANE's cover to the mag's 27th issue in which Batman first appeared.  It's currently demanding huge prices on ebay, the highest I've seen so far being £381.98, but I don't think I'll bother.  I'll wait until the hardcover deluxe version which will include all the variant covers (33 I think) comes out and buy that instead.  I haven't yet read there'll be such a release, but they did it with the 1000th issue of ACTION COMICS so there's bound to be one (I hope).

Did you buy this ish, Criv-ites?  If so, what cover did you plump for - and why?

And below is my Wrightson issue, which arrived this morning.  Great, innit?


Terranova47 said...

I read this blog entry this morning and went to my local comic store, MIDTOWN COMICS here in Manhattan. I counted 12 versions of covers for #1000 none were the one you showed and they were charging $20 @ carded and bagged.

This is why I don't bother with buying new comics, it's all about marketing and profit and not entertainment.

Your other post on the Treasury Editions is interesting. I moved to the US in 1974. When the Spiderman issue was released I bought a few and sold them in at a London comic show that summer before they were released in the UK. My copy of Conan had a page with very subtle green trees in a frame. Other copies had one dark green on the same panel.

I had no memory of that series running until 1976 and the Bi-Centennial.

Kid said...

When it comes to new comics, I only bother with 'anniversary' numbers such as this, T47, because I loved 'Giant' issues when I was younger. As for all those variant covers, will anyone actually buy them all? I might've done when I was younger if there were only a handful, but certainly not 33. I must confess though, that I'd love that Alex Ross version, but I'm not paying that kind of silly money for a new comic. It would have to be around 30 years old before I'd even consider it.

As for the Treasury editions, they ran for quite a while - right up to 1981, and there were around 28 of them in the series, not counting various 'one-shot' issues. I think the last one I bought new (or close to it) was the second Superman/Spider-Man team-up.

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