Monday, 6 November 2017


When KNOCKOUT comic appeared in 1971, one of my favourite strips was The HAUNTED WOOD.  Part of its appeal was that the intro pic reminded me of the woods at the top of the street where I'd lived between 1960 and '64.  (Wardlaw Woods they were known as.)  After moving, I soon got into the habit of making occasional 'pilgrimages' along to the woods to recharge my memories of them, but in '71, the above picture served as a handy reminder between visits.

After lending several week's worth of my Knockouts to a friend and getting them back much later in a mutilated condition, I cut out the logo from one of the issues and kept it inside my WADE YOGI BEAR box, in which it was practically a perfect fit.  In 1972, after moving to a house in a different neighbourhood, I bought the Knockout Summer Special (in the newsagent's across from my former house after school one day), and I eventually cut the above colour logo for keeping in my Yogi Bear Box.  I no longer recall whether the two pics cohabited, or I replaced the first with the second, but it was either one or the other of those two possibilities.

Anyway, I finally got around to scanning both pics from replacement issues and printing them out, so they both now reside in my replacement box which I acquired around ten years back.  I know it sounds daft, but to re-create something from 45-46 years ago is a strangely satisfying sensation - at least it is to me.  Have you ever felt compelled to re-create some aspect of your past, or am I the only one around here who's as mad as a bag of spiders?  Don't be shy - share your craziness with the rest of us in the comments section.

The pics are stored behind the inner tray

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