Friday, 10 November 2017


If you're looking for a unique present for any of your friends or family, why not take a look through talented Scottish artist LYNN CRAIG's site, VERACIOUS ILLUSTRATION, for a selection of prints of her mixed media paintings?  With Christmas coming up, one of Lynn's pictures would make a welcome gift that's bound to be appreciated more than the usual boring aftershaves, bath salts, soaps, deodorants or perfumes.  (Whatcha trying to do - give someone a complex about their personal hygiene?)  Just click on the above name of her site and have a browse.


Anonymous said...

Those in the Glasgow series would look nice in a modern apartment. Can you throw any light on the subject matter Kid, are they telling us anything about Glasgow? What's with the pigs? I have not been there for years.


Kid said...

Best thing to do would be to visit the site, T, as the artist explains the inspiration for her work. However, her paintings are based on areas of Glasgow, so I'd hazard a guess that there's a street somewhere containing some kind of representations of pigs. They seem vaguely familiar, but I can't pin them down, alas.

Update: Just read your comment again and the penny's dropped that you've already visited her site. So, as I said, there must be a mural (or something) of pigs in a Glasgow street somewhere. If I ever see them in real life, I'll let you know where they are.

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