Tuesday, 21 November 2017


WONDER WOMAN once never needed anything
other than her bracelets to protect herself from knives,
swords, and guns, so probably the primary reason she was
given a shield for the movies is because the producers saw
what a great weapon it made in the hands of CAPTAIN
AMERICA in the MARVEL films.

But who cares about that when we have the stunning
GAL GADOT to look at - in a respectful, non-pervy way
of course.  (It's her mind we admire - right, lads?)


TC said...

I admire her mind. And her courage and toughness (she was a drill instructor in the Israeli Army).

Of course, it does not hurt that she is so hot, you could probably fry an egg on her.

Kid said...

Frying an egg on her isn't exactly what I'd have in mind as she begged me out on a date, TC (no, I got that the right way around) - but I know what you mean.

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