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Here's a nice little mag that all fans of The INHUMANS -
and NEAL ADAMS' art in particular - are sure to love:  Mighty
MARVEL's one-shot collection of AMAZING ADVENTURES
 #s 5-10 and The AVENGERS #95.  With art by Adams and MIKE
BILL EVERETT and FRANK GIACOIA), it's 104 blockbusting
pages of Merry Marvel Magnificence, contained within a
 cataclysmic cardboard cover to rock your socks.

Here are just a few random images to whet your aching
appetite, frantic ones.  So what are you waiting for?

Sorry about the spine-crop - that's the way it is in the mag


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I first saw Neal Adams work on the Inhumans strip in the Titans (UK Marvel) weekly mag and was stunned how good it was (although miffed at the small 2 pages on one page format) the splashes being some of my favourite of Neal's work (the one where the Inhumans crash in the snow in China is amazing as is the one you published here with Black Bolt flying towards us which is iconic now. I have since picked up the Neal Adams issues of Amazing Adventures and it a great wee book with the Black Widow sharing the half the book (Heck and Gene Colans art are both great I have to admit I was a big Neal Adams fanboy/geek and cant see past the guy (just don't mention Batman Odyssey though) -McScotty

Kid said...

I haven't seen Batman Odyssey, so I won't mention it - oops, too late. (I've got the three-volume collection of his Batman work 'though.) Regarding that Black Bolt figure - it seems to be Adams' own take on a similar one in the first issue of Amazing Adventures (I think - I'm not digging it out to check) by Kirby. (I think there may have been another similar version in an issue of FF.)

So, McScotty, you'll be beetling along to FP to pick up a copy of this one-shot? (They've got a few left.)

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I think your right it is a version of Kirby's illo form a previously illo - Odyssey has some great art the story is incomprehensible in place though - I got the one shot a few weeks ago but will still pop in despite the terrible news about the Clutha etc -McScotty

Dougie said...

Bought this in Glasgow during the Tattie Holidays, since unusually, I had read three of the Adams stories when published originally.

Awful news about the Clutha.

Thanks for the disc! Arrived safely yesterday- but I left it in my pigeonhole: fairly full-on Friday,

Kid said...

I used to do a lot of signwriting in Stockwell Street in the '7os (when the bridge was there) - bad news about The Clutha indeed.

baab said...

I remember Triton emerging from the water on to a jetty,but I don't associate it with the Neal Adams version.
In my memory Jack Kirby drew it.
I know this is wrong but Thats my mind for ya!
This may be due to the Amazing Adventures series of the Inhumans also appearing in the Titans.

Neal Adams on the Avengers was quite revolutionary to my young eyes,all that realism.

I do remember an instant emotional attachment to Triton. the similarity between Triton's head fin which reminded me of a similar style in ,maybe an old Flash Gordon comic I was reading at the time.
Or could it have been Gullivar Jones ?

Having a confusing day.

Batman Odyssey.
I read it recently ,well I read half of it.
It was half guff.
Even the artwork was half guff.
I reckon he was trying something new.

Kid said...

Baab, could you be thinking of the splash page of FF #47? Or perhaps there was a similar scene in The Inhumans back-up tales in Thor.

baab said...

I had a look at that issue Kid,It is something else.
As I said its in my mind but may just be an amalgam of lots of panels.
This morning I would have argued and put money on it but not tonight.

I have convinced myself of stuff before that was not real so ,ha, thats funny.
Thanks for the suggestion.

It is more likely to be the Neal Adams comics because it has a jetty and water dripping from Triton and he needs help.

On another note,the movie of the Inhumans is planned to be made sometime in 2015/16.

Gey Blabby said...

These were some of the earliest Marvel comics I was able to buy. I just wish Tom Palmer had been able to do all the stories, as for me he was the only Marvel inker of Adams who maintained the standard set by Dick Giordano at DC.
I'm very confused now by that reference to Triton on the jetty: I was convinced that it came from this series as well, but I've looked for it and can't find it. I think it must have been in Adams' Avengers stories. But I also recall a similar Adams image of Triton coming out of a drain in the street, but I can't find that either, and now I wonder if that was another character altogether.
As for Neal Adams: I was lucky to discover and have access to all of his work on Batman, Superman, Deadman, GL/GA, as well as his Marvel work. No other artist made a bigger impression on my young mind, and for me it's painful to witness the deterioration of his talents over the years, culminating in the travesty that is Batman Odyssey. I realise that artists in all fields have to adapt to changing tastes, but in attempting to do so, Adams seems to have simplified and 'dumbed' down his style to make it acceptable to modern audiences. His new stuff looks like the work of a very raw talent to me, while his work from the '70's looks like that of someone at the top of his craft.

Kid said...

Thing is, GB and Baab, I seem to see a Kirby-drawn image in my mind similar to the Adams' one - doh!

I know what you mean, GB. I felt that Kirby's work, just like Adams', also deteriorated as he got older - to the point that it looked like it was being drawn by an imitator with not quite as much talent. Sad to see, isn't it?

B Smith said...

"I'm very confused now by that reference to Triton on the jetty: I was convinced that it came from this series as well, but I've looked for it and can't find it."

Avengers #95, page one.

B Smith said...

PS Thanks for the tip about this publication - I've got most of the originals, but all in various degrees of falling-apartness; and Amazing Adventures #9 with a big chunk torn off (due to a grumpy dad), so this one'll definitely be going on the list.

Kid said...

Yup, you're right, B - splash page of Avengers #95 - but isn't there a similar one by Kirby on a jetty or pier somewhere? FF or Thor? I'm sure I've got it somewhere.

Better nab that issue quick, by the way - it's dated September so probably came out before then.

baab said...

Thanks for the link B.
I just had a good look at the Avengers 95 and it has all the elements I am looking for.
I read it in the Marvel UK comics and I remember it well.
I still cant shake the Jack Kirby associations in my head.

Gey Blabby;
"But I also recall a similar Adams image of Triton coming out of a drain in the street"

Now this one is haunting me!

Great post,possibly for all the wrong reasons.

Gey Blabby said...

If you find it, can you let us know, as it's driving me nuts already trying to place it. As far as I recall, it's Triton coming through the sewers and up through a drain, and the image itself is one of those classic forshortened Adams poses. If it turns out that it's all in my mind, I'll be very disappointed. Maybe it is an old Kirby image as you suggested, Kid, as he seems to have done all the poses in the first place.

Kid said...

GB, you're probably right about the image you're thinking of being by Adams, but the one I'm thinking of is a different one by Kirby. I think he's lying gasping for air (or water, I suppose) on a pier. (Or is that another one I'm thinking of where he's sitting on a pier? Doh, my head hurts.)

Philip Crawley said...

Triton on the pier by Kirby was the splash panel from the Inhumans backup, appearing in Thor 152 (1968), but he's way in the background unlike the splash from Avengers 95 by Adams. Fancy Triton getting all wet on a 'splash' page?!

Dougie said...

Philip, I was also thinking of the Thor splash since I was completely bowled over by the Inhumans back-ups as a kid.

GB: Triton does come out of a drain,in an Adams page, I'm sure. Isn't it the climax of Avengers 94?

Gey Blabby said...

I finally got it straight, Dougie. In the last panel of Avengers #94, Triton appears out of a drain, but that scene only appears on page 3 of Avengers #95. Instead, Adams steps back in time and shows him on the jetty, and then shows the events leading up to his appearance from the drain.

baab said...

Its still not the image I have in my head but its damn close.
This is from Thor.

Kid said...

That may be the one I was thinking of, Baab - but I also seem to recall a larger Kirby one of Triton having difficulty breathing.

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