Saturday, 9 November 2013


Now, here are two great collectables from the '60s that you don't
get to see every day. (Unless you own them already, that is.) A JR
variable direction water pistol, and a BERWICK THUNDERBIRDS
hat. I've had these replacements for many years now, scarily far
longer than I ever had my original ones as a kid.

You'll never know how much I resisted temptation to pose with
these toys for a photo to accompany this post. (Well, you know now,
'cos I just told you.) Maybe one day, when I'm less handsome and not
so likely to make anyone jealous, I'll put up a pic. However, if you'd
rather never see such a photo, all financial contributions will be
carefully and confidentially considered. 


John Pitt said...

I'm sure I had the gun! Go on, put the hat on and pose! You know you want to! Be a bristle-faced Gordon Tracey . Give us a laugh! Go on, go on, go on, go on!!

Kid said...

Ah, a big Father Ted fan I see, JP, eh? (Maybe one day as regards the pic.)

Terry Gee said...

I had that hat as part of a birthday present (along with a Man from UNCLE gun, holster, badge and silencer set). I was on holiday at the time and I remember folding the hat flat and tucking it under my arm whilst playing in an amusement arcade. On returning home I realised that I'd lost the hat! I tried to find a replacement but was unlucky. However, I was bought a Thunderbirds activity book instead which kind of made up for the loss. Kid, do you have the book or the UNCLE set in your vast collection? I'd love to see them again.

Kid said...

I had that very Man from U.N.C.L.E. suitcase (the cheaper version, made of cardboard, I think) and still have one of the bullets. I don't have the book or the U.N.C.L.E. set (although I've got the ID card - there's a pic of it somewhere on my blog), but I may have photos of them, which I'll post sometime.

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