Saturday, 9 November 2013


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I recently acquired CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL #5 in
order to fill a gap in my collection, but before I put it away in my
filing cabinet, I decided to give it a read - and boy, am I glad I did!
Entitled DEATHWATCHER!, this is a fascinating tale which I
can't really say anything about without ruining it for you if you
haven't yet availed yourself of its four-colour delights.

Written by DAVID MICHELINIE and drawn by GENE
COLAN,  it comes from an era when, if comics were good, they
were very good.  One can almost believe this was a comicbook
adaptation of a movie, because it's extremely cinematic in con-
ception and execution and tears along at a rip-roarin' pace.

Complete in one issue, it makes a change from many of to-
day's comicbooks, where you pick up the latest issue of some
mag or other - and can't remember if you've read the one before
it or not.  What was the story about again?  I can never seem to
recall what happened last time (when I do actually read them)
because the stories seem so utterly underwhelming nowa-
days and take forever to get nowhere.

This comic was a refreshing change - 20 minutes or so of
escapist entertainment that provided a pleasant diversion in
my daily routine.  If more comics were like this today, more
people would be buying them.  If you've never read it, track
it down on eBay now!  It'll be well worth your time.


Gernot said...

This was a favorite Annual. But what took YOU so long to discover it? ;)

Kid said...

Guess I was distracted by John Byrne's FF at the time, Gernot. And I'd given up on Cap after Kirby had left for the second time, to be honest. I got there in the end 'though.

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