Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Characters copyright MARVEL COMICS

Don't be fooled - you're looking at a photocopy of a 100%
pencil drawing (lettering included), not an inked piece of art.
Way back in 1983, MARVEL U.K.'s The DAREDEVILS held a
competition to design a cover, so I dashed off this rather plain cover-
rough for their consideration.  Looking at it now, it's not too bad, but
the highlights on SPIDER-MAN's thighs need some work.  Had I ever
inked the piece, I would've sorted out all the little imperfections, but,
overall, it's not the worst drawing I've done.  (Or seen - no names,
no pack-drill.)  Obviously, it would've had much more impact in
colour - might add some one day (and fix those thighs).

No, I didn't win.  I'll have to dig out my back issues and see
 what did.  I think at least I should've got a runner-up prize.

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