Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Here are some more pages from ALLY SLOPER #2, featuring
a nicely-detailed comic strip by KEITH PAGE, who would go on
to illustrate some GERRY ANDERSON-themed strips some years
later. His technique in drawing machinery reminds me of that of
RON TURNER - very nice indeed.
Third issue coming-up in the near future - be here!


TwoHeadedBoy said...

Those Keith Page bits are fantastic - almost something Moebius-like about them.

Also, nice to see an American getting ired up over Dennis in the letters pages, ho ho!

Kid said...

I'd have been tempted to tell her to check her facts before having a rant over something she misunderstood, child or not. But then again, I'm well-known for my tact and diplomacy.

Yes, indeed, THB - the Keith Page pages (no pun intended) are great, eh? Shame about the lettering 'though.

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