Thursday, 21 November 2013


Some years ago, I worked in my local MOTOROLA plant and, upon turning up for work one night, I was charged with an unusual task.  One of the staff was retiring (though certainly not shy) and, knowing of my artistic leanings, my boss, MARIE, asked me to do a caricature to be presented to the soon-to-be former worker the next day.  It was a bit short-notice, but I was supplied with a photo of the individual and let loose.

What you see above is the result, drawn during my half-hour lunch break in the wee small hours of the morning.  Done with a gel pen if I remember correctly, I took a bit of care inking this one as it was going to be framed before being given to the 'lucky' recipient, but it was still drawn pretty fast, hence the name of DUNN KWIK, my pseudonym employed for all pieces that circumstances (or laziness) dictated being produced in a bit of a hurry.  It was a good likeness and I hear the subject was more than pleased with the the finished article.

I can see what needs improved, but, all-in-all, it isn't too bad and adequately fulfilled the purpose for which it was created.  Can't ask for more than that in half an hour, can you?  Obviously it would've been far better in colour, but not having been given any advance warning, I had nothing with which to colour it.


In fact, on reflection, scratch that modest assessment above.  That drawing is pretty darn good considering the circumstances under which it was produced, drawn off the top of my head with no reference material as a prompt.  And it's a good likeness, given that all I was provided with was a thumbnail-sized photo on an ID card.     

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