Sunday, 30 June 2013


For all you frantic followers of JOHNNY FUTURE, the caped and
cowled crusader makes a welcome return to the pages of this humble blog
in a new, regular, Sunday slot. Drawn by LUIS BERMEJO and published
in the pages of FANTASTIC in the 1960s, this is one of the more popular
and best-remembered POWER COMICS strips of the time.
Incidentally, the figure in the final panel on the last page isn't the
sole work of Luis Bermejo. The artistic integrity of the picture has been
compromised by clumsy retouching in an attempt to cover any suggestion
of nakedness. As you'll see in upcoming episodes, there is no consistency
to the way the alterations have been executed, 'though you'd think that
the editors would have assigned such revisions to someone with a
degree of skill. Apparently not, sadly.
It's a shame that portions of the art have been ruined in this way,
but let's try not to dwell on these thankfully few instances and instead
focus on untampered examples of comic strip art at its finest.
See you all next week for Part Two, fellow fans!


Jeffsee said...

Wow! First more Frankie,then to top it all off Johnny makes a welcome return as well. You spoil us Kid!
Thanks a heap. Looking forward to more of the same in the near future.

Kid said...

Don't I just! I can't seem to help myself - altruism runs in my blood. I'm a veritable saint, I am. ((And humble with it.)

PhilSee said...

I second Jeff's comments! What is it about mad scientists and their hair?!, this guys is rockin' an afro and beatnik beard just in case we didn't realise that the creation of a twenty foot monster wasn't enough of a pointer that he was a tad NQR. And I like the way JF wakes up one morning and finds that he has the power of flight! Thanks for these.

Kid said...

And look at the beak on him. Isn't that Jon Pertwee with black hair?

DeadSpiderEye said...

He flies now? I suppose sauntering to emergencies is a little incongruous for a super hero. just as long as he didn't develop brick-laying vision or breath.

Kid said...

Or drive a Johnny-mobile. (Ooer, that sounds rude.) I mean a Future-mobile.

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