Tuesday, 20 December 2011


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TIGER TIM made his first appearance in a one-off comic strip in The DAILY MIRROR on April 16th 1904, before getting his own spot in The MONTHLY PLAYBOX, a children's supplement to The WORLD And His WIFE MAGA-ZINE, in November of that same year.  He was also featured in The PLAYBOX ANNUAL, the first of which appeared in 1909.  Then, when The RAINBOW was launched in 1914 (dated February 14th), Tim had the front cover spot, along with his chums The BRUIN BOYS.  So far, JULIUS STAFFORD BAKER had been the artist, but before long, S. J. CASH and then HERBERT FOXWELL took over the artistic reins.

Under Foxwell, Tiger and his pals became virtual superstars, with Tiger getting his own comic, TIGER TIM'S TALES, the first issue of which was dated June 1st 1919. Around eight months later, the comic was relaunched as TIGER TIM'S WEEKLY (issue dated January 31st).  Tiger may well be the longest-lasting regular comic character ever, as, even after the demise of his own starring titles, his last appearance was in 1985 in JACK And JILL WEEKLY

Anyway, all that aside, I thought you may appreciate seeing a Festive number of ol' Tiger's title from 1923 - just to give you a taste of Christmas past.  Apologies to any Glaswegians who thought this post was going to be about the former RADIO CLYDE DJ, also named Tiger Tim. 


ChrisB said...

It's funny but whenever I hear the name Tiger Tim, it's Mr Stevens that I first think of.

Unknown said...

I have a Tiger Tim's small tote bag/shopping bag believed to be in the era of 1930's on the bag is states 1938.
Can you help me identify the origin and its worth. The bag is immaculate and in the retro colours of the era.

Many Thanks


Kid said...

Unfortunately, Kirsty, I'm not an expert on Tiger Tim merchandise, but I had a look on the internet and couldn't find any reference to the bag. (I did see a modern one 'though, in the shape of Tiger Tim's head.) Yours might be the genuine article, but, if I were you, I'd contact a reputable auction house to see what they can tell you about the bag. Dates aren't always a guarantee of age, because modern merchandise can carry the date when the copyright was first registered. For example, modern Dalek toys still bear the copyright date of 1963, although there is usually also the modern date of production. WHS carries a few collectors magazines, so it might be worth getting email contact details from them, sending a photo of the bag, and seeing if they can supply further info. Sorry I can't be of more help. Best of luck.

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