Saturday, 24 December 2011


From The Dandy, issue dated Feb 8th, 1964

I'm actually old enough to remember when KEN REID's artwork appeared in D.C. THOMSON comics, before he later became a mainstay over at ODHAMS PRESS, then FLEETWAY/IPC. The original artist of ROGER The DODGER, he also drew JONAH and GRANDPA for The BEANO, as well as the adventures of BIG HEAD And THICK HEAD, which appeared on the back page of The DANDY every week.

After departing for Odhams, he was replaced by FRANK McDIARMID, who - going by the example below - managed to imitate his style very well indeed.

From The Dandy, issue dated Dec 25th, 1965

So, here's another Christmas treat for all you discerning Criv-ites - two Big Head and Thick Head back-page Dandy delights for your personal perusal and appreciation.


Andy Boal said...

... of the Dandy!

Anonymous said...

... and it's not by Ken Reid :)
The set was drawn by Frank McDiarmid and appeared in the Dandy No. 1257 with the cover date of Dec. 25th, 1965. Ken Reid stopped working for D.C.Thomson in the middle of 1964 and his last Big Head and Thick Head was in the Dandy No. 1187 (Aug. 22, 1964)!

Kid said...

I've finally worked out what happened. I scanned a Reid page from one source and a McDiarmid page from another, and then posted the wrong one. I've now added the page which should have been featured to start with.

Just as well someone was paying attention.

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