Tuesday, 3 January 2017


What teenage lad didn't lust after the
stunning MADELINE SMITH back in the
1970s?  Why, I even once watched an episode
of TERRY & JUNE because Maddie was on
it.  Now that's what you call dedication (so
forget what ROY CASTLE used to sing


TC said...

IIRC, she had a scene near the beginning of Live & Let Die. So, she may have been Roger Moore's first "Bond girl" to be seen on screen. Although I believe her scene was one of the last to be filmed.

Never saw Terry & June, and I don't know offhand whether it was ever aired in the US. I take it that it wasn't your favorite show?

Well, I sat through Starcrash for Caroline Munro, and I will have to go see Wonder Woman because Gal Gadot.

The things we do for love.

Kid said...

Yup, Maddie was the first on-screen Moore Bond girl, TC - and what a beauty she was (and may still be).

Actually (keep it under your hat), Terry & June was quite a popular TV sitcom and wasn't that bad for what it was, but it's considered 'uncool' to admit to liking such 'middle class' shows now, so I was playing to the public gallery with my remark - and, of course, it set up the context (imaginary 'though it was) for my feeble attempt at humour. However, it is true that I made a point of watching that particular episode because Maddie was in it.

I still haven't seen Starcrash, but I've meant to seek it out for years now 'cos I fancy Caroline Munro as well.

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