Wednesday, 4 January 2017


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Back in 1977, PIZZA HUT had some kind of promotion
which offered two reprints each of SUPERMAN, BATMAN,
and WONDER WOMAN comicbooks - six in all.  I possess the
two Superman issues (#s 96 & 113), which are almost identical
to the originals, apart from the paid advertising and size of the
mags, which were the same as then-modern comics and not
the size of the 1950s mags they were reprinted from.

I don't know the details of how customers obtained the
mags (whether they had to send away for them or got them
in store), but they're nice little items and I thought you might
like a 'taste' of them.  Here's #97, I'll post #113 later today.
Anyone got the Batman and Wonder Woman issues?


paul Mcscotty said...

I'm so glad I was never a completest collector, it must be almost impossible to collect every comic that characters like Superman , Batman etc appeared in over the years let alone the numerous one offs and specials like this one. I always liked those Henry Boltinoff cartoon strips that DC ran they’ve fast become a firm favourite of mine with their innocence and fun and some of the later ones are very nicely drawn.

Kid said...

I miss these types of strips in today's U.S. comics, PM. I wish they'd start doing them again. I'm not really worried about getting the Batman and WW comics, but I was wondering if they're also reprints of '50s issues. The way I look at it, I've got the 'complete' set of two Superman/Pizza Hut issues. Yeah, remember when comics were innocent? Whatever happened there?

Phil S said...

Don't get me started. Some of the blame goes to Frank Miller and Alan Moore. Most goes to fans who became creators and wanted their comics more adult without understanding what that meant. The Spirit was an all ages newspaper comic which has far more adult themes than blood and death and rape. The Spirit had themes of lost love, responsibility, name it.

Phil S said...

By the way you don't look like a pizza.

Kid said...

Yup, you're 100% right, PS. Having said that, I did enjoy Miller's 'Born Again' (Daredevil), but comics have got completely out of hand these days. By the way, you meant Superman doesn't look like a pizza, not me. Oh, wait a mo, you were right enough - same guy.

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