Friday, 6 January 2017


BATMAN images copyright DC COMICS

Okay, so they were only together in my carrier bag yesterday,
but having reeled you in with that devious deception, stick around
and read the rest of the post.  First up is TALES Of The BATMAN,
featuring the stories of writer ALAN BRENNERT and illustrated by
a host of artists.  It's a slim volume, containing all of Alan's work for
DC COMICS, and is available from all good comics shops and
bookstores.  Buy one today!

BEANO images copyright D.C. THOMSON & Co., Ltd

Next up is BEANO Annual 2017, available, if you're lucky,
from WH SMITH for only £1.99, depending on whether your
local shop has any left obviously.  However, the branch I was in
yesterday had around a dozen copies, so yours may be similarly
stocked.  I decided to purchase it because it's the first Annual
with the new masthead (without the article), so it's sort of
a collectors' item.  Buy one if you can.

H'mm, just noticed that the cover design resembles MARVEL's


baab said...

Well spotted on the cover inspiration.

Kid said...

And well spotted in spotting that it was well spotted, Baab.

Colin Jones said...

Wow, I've been aware of that Holiday Grab Bag cover for as long as I've been reading Marvel comics (I must have seen it advertised in the early issues of POTA even before I actually knew who the characters on the cover were) but I've never seen the back cover before !! And if the 2017 Beano annual is such a collector's item, Kid, then why did you wait so long to buy it ? It's been on sale in my local Tesco since October.

Kid said...

You've never seen the back cover before, CJ? Your memory is malfunctioning, because I showed it in Favourite Comics Of The Past Part 33 - you even left several comments. And I didn't say that the Beano Annual 2017 is 'such' a collectors' item, I said it was 'sort of' - which at £1.99 is worth buying, but I wouldn't pay £7.99 for it.

Colin Jones said...

Oops...obviously my mind is going - well, it's to be expected at my advanced age. And do you prefer the Beano masthead with or without the "The" ? I prefer with.

Kid said...

I prefer it as it was, CJ, the change seems pointless - change for change's sake.

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