Monday, 16 January 2017


The most accurate TB2 model I've seen

Okay, I've dusted down my THUNDERBIRDS models and
taken a few new photos, so here's the results.  TB1 was difficult
to do justice to, because the silvery surface tends to reflect the
light (the daylight that is, I didn't use my camera flash), so this
is the best I can do with this one for the moment.  Enjoy.

The wings pull out.  It looks far better than the photo suggests 

Third up is TB4.  I'll show 3 and 5 another time


B Smith said...

Give us some idea of scale, big were these?

Kid said...

There's a story there. When I was considering buying the set, I asked what size the TB2 was, and was told about the size of the Dinky model. I was slightly disappointed to discover upon receipt that it was just under four and a half inches long. Having said that, it's very well detailed. The pod comes out, and legs can be fitted to the main body. There's also an extra pod with an open door. TB1 and TB4 are also excellent. Look at my 'Thunderbirds Are Go' post for official pictures of all of them.

Rip Jagger said...

I'm not much of toy guy really, but Thunderbird 2 was always my favorite of the lot and that's a creamy bit of material there. Thanks for sharing it.

Rip Off

Kid said...

I's a dusty bit of material as well, RJ. I'll wipe it down a bit and take some 'cleaner' photos. Glad you enjoyed it.

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