Saturday, 14 January 2017


Image copyright REBELLION

KEN REID was among the cream of the crop of British cartoonists,
and, looking at the above strip, all the exquisite detailing for which he
was justly renowned is still evident.  However, although this is a lovely
page, I think I see a hint of the beginning of the later decline in Ken's art,
in that the panel compositions are mainly 'side-on', making the charac-
ters appear one-dimensional.  The inevitable result, alas, of being
drawn mostly in profile.  As I said though, still a lovely page.


Philip Crawley said...

I agree, not some of Ken Reid's best work but still streets ahead of a lot of cartoonists.Never really warmed to Faceache as much as I did to most of his earlier characters - but always a fan of the art.

Kid said...

He never lost his fine detailing skill, PC, but, later in his career, his pages started to look a bit flat and lifeless, with too many profile shots. I believe he had some kind of burn-out at some stage and couldn't draw for months, so that may well have had an effect on his drawing style later. I even entertained the notion that perhaps someone else was doing the pencil work and Ken was inking it, so noticeable was the deterioration in his panel compositions.

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