Thursday, 19 January 2017


Image copyright DC COMICS

As a 'tatster' for an upcoming 12 part round-robin series,
SPECIAL #1, with reprints of two JACK KIRBY stories, plus
two 'previously unpublished (which isn't quite true, but take it
up with DC) classics'.  The cover comes from Kamandi #32
(a 'Giant' issue) and is a neat little item for Kirby fans.


Paul McScotty Muir said...

Kamandi under Kirby was one of my favourite comics as a lad (well young teenager) and even although I am not buying many comics these days (and almost no DC books) this is one I plan to get regularly if it lives up to the hype. I have the original version of this comic but not sure I have the "unseen" strips. The new work in this series looks interesting especially Neal Adams in issue 2 (I hope he didn't write the story the guys a genius artist but an awful writer) Walt Simonson in issue 11 and Ryan Sook issue 12 (who did one of the best comic strips re art ever (imho) in the Wednesday Comic series a few years ago) and some guest artists doing covers (Bruce Timm I think) all look fun.

Kid said...

The new series certainly looks interesting, PM. My one reservation is that, with a couple of exceptions (John Byrne's and Walter Simonson's mags), DC don't really have a great track record with resuscitated Kirby characters. I'll probably give it a try 'though, as it'll maybe help me continue the illusion (delusion?) that I'm still living in the '70s.

Rip Jagger said...

I'm on board for the Kamandi Challenge, if for no other reason than to celebrate Kirby's creation. I was late to the Kamandi show, left DC after the Fourth World collapsed but I've grown fond of it in later years. The special was a fun issue and the two unpublished issues in the back were really odd, especially the surprise Kirby offering embedded in the final one. I didn't know that was where that story was supposed to appear.

Rip Off

Kid said...

I may be misreading you, RJ, but I thought that Kirby story in the back was originally intended for Sandman #7. As you say 'though, it's a nice little Special, but I wish they'd included the photo-article on JK that was in Kamandi #32, from which the cover comes.

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