Saturday, 21 January 2017


Image copyright DC COMICS

Of The UNKNOWN spectacular splash page for you to drool over,
Criv-ites.  I could waffle on for a bit so that you feel you're getting full
value for money (?), but that would merely serve to delay you from
clicking on the image to enlarge  it for a more detailed study.

So what are you waiting for?  Click away.


TC said...

Standard procedure for DC heroes when under attack, or when cornered in a deadly trap: stand there and recite a detailed description of the menace.

Kid said...

Very true, TC, but I suppose it was the most direct way to hook the readers. Great art 'though, eh?

TC said...

Great art, for sure.

Scenes like that did not seem silly to me when I was a preteen kid, and that's the age group at which most DC superhero comics were aimed. And even movies and TV often used a lot of exposition dialog back then.

Kid said...

Very true, TC. And the compilation clips we see at the start of many TV shows saying 'Tonight, on...' serve the same purpose nowadays. They give a sense of the story to hook the viewers.

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