Tuesday, 10 January 2017


I'm sitting here feeling miserable 'cos I've fallen victim to
another cold, not too long after having just got over one.  Can't
stop sneezing, and my nose is like a hosepipe that can't be turned
off.  What I need is a chuckle or two to try and cheer myself up, so
with that in mind, here's a strip from BUSTER & JET, published
almost 44 years ago in September 1973.  It's RENT-A-GHOST
Ltd. (not the TV show), drawn by REG PARLETT.  You
can read it too, 'cos I like to share.  Enjoy!

(And no, I've never heard of ghosts who eat real food
 either, but I guess anything can happen in a comic.)


Phil S said...

Another strip I haven't seen in 45 years! Thanks for posting these time machines.

Kid said...

A pleasure, PS. This strip is from a comic that blog member McScotty gave me. Can't remember if I had it back in the day or not.

Colin Jones said...

My sympathies about your cold, Kid. Apparently if everybody in the world stayed indoors for a fortnight we would eradicate all cold and flu viruses forever - perhaps the U.N. could organize it :D

Kid said...

Ta, CJ. Dunno about a fortnight, but I haven't been out in two days. Hoping I feel a bit better today 'though, and can manage outside.

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