Tuesday, 28 June 2016


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One thing that struck me as I looked through my issues
of SECRET ORIGINS in preparation for scanning, is how few
of them I've read past the first handful.  However, my 'collector's
compulsion' meant I had to buy them all as they came out, whether
or not I was interested in each issue's featured character(s).  One
day, when I have time and energy, I must sit down, start at #1,
and work my way through them all right to the end.

And that's the purpose of this current series - to give all you
cavortin' Criv-ites the opportunity of having a taste of this 50 ish
run if you missed it back in the day.  Or to remind you of what you
once had if you were a regular reader of this titanic title at the time.
So buckle-up, get yourselves comfy, and let's begin the next stage
of the tour.  And if you'd like to share your reminiscences of any
of the comics on display before you, the comments section
awaits your interesting input - so get typing.


Phil S said...

Somehow I don't recall these at all. Colan's work on Crimson Avenger look great. On the other hand Halo. I had no idea gay liberation was so popular in the early 80s ! Perhaps she was inspired by Batman's old costume ......

Kid said...

Gay liberation? I must've lived a sheltered life, Phil, 'cos I can't see the connection. Is it the short hair?

Pop Culture Safari! said...

I'd forgotten I have a batch of these squirreled away in a long box. Nice stuff!

Phil S said...

Rainbows are a symbol of gays. It's particularly amusing when Batman had his rainbow Batman outfit.

Kid said...

Some of them are excellent, PCS. It's a great little series to have.


Ah, didn't know that, Phil. The only thing I knew about rainbows is that they're supposed to be a reminder of the covenant between God and Noah (and his descendants) that God would never again destroy the world by a flood.

Oscar Dowson said...

Loved this series and have been re-reading some of my favourites. That Golden Age Batman origin is a thing of beauty. Nobody gives the Bat-cape so much character and drama as Marshall Rogers. Next on my reading list, Sandman and Dr Mid-Nite. I'm in a Golden Age mood.

Kid said...

Now I'll have to re-read it sooner than intended, seeing as how you've recommended it so highly, OD.

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