Sunday, 19 April 2015


Every week, for about 10 or 12 years, I used to visit a little
village overlooking the sea.  The stone cottages, the rowboats on
the beach, the hills in the distance, all were familiar sights to me for a
large part of my childhood and teenage years.  To me, this village ex-
isted only in a framed print of a painting hanging on my grandparents'
living-room wall above the fireplace (although, as far as I know, it's
a real location), and that framed window was a portal into a place
of peace and tranquility beside the seashore.

I still visit that little little island today on occasion, as that
selfsame painting passed into our possession when my grandparents
moved into an old folks home in the late 1970s or early '80s.  When I
want to remember those halcyon days (to use a well-worn phrase) of
my childhood, I'll wander into the room in which it hangs and stand
and gaze upon it, recalling a vanished era that becomes more pre-
cious to me the farther it recedes on the horizon of history.

The painting is by an artist named T.R. SANDERSON,
of whom I can find no personal details when I Google the name,
although there are examples of his or her art on view.  Does anyone
know anything about the artist, and - even more important - can you
identify where the above picture was actually painted?  Who knows,
one day I may actually stand on the spot where the painting was
produced, and pretend to myself that I've stepped through the
frame and onto that hopefully not too far distant shore. 


Ada from Linwood said...

I too have a copy of this print and I too am wondering just who the artist was and where exactly was the landscape painted. I could not find any information on J R Sanderson online and would really like to find out more

Kid said...

Hopefully we'll find out some day soon. I check the internet every so often to see if there's any fresh info. Anyone out there help?

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