Wednesday, 1 April 2015


When I first put up this post, the images below were a little
blurred.  I've now been supplied with bigger and better scans
and have therefore decided to re-post the whole thing.  I've cut
and pasted any original comments to save folk having to sub-
mit them again.  Aren't I considerate?


Well, this one's a bit later than planned because of all the
comments I've had to respond to in a previous post, but here
we are at last.  Vince (from SIV & VINCE's Blog) used to live
next door to artist MIKE LACEY, who sent the above drawing
to him a few years later.  What a belter, eh?  I'm going to find
out where he lives and go 'round and steal it.  (Hee hee!)

Below are six pages that Mike was given to familiarise him-
self with the look of the strips while filling-in for their regular
artists when they were ill or on holiday.  He kindly sent them to
 Vince also.  The pages were too a bit big for Vince's scanner, so
he photographed them by the light from a window, hence the
slight slant to them.  Thanks for Vince & Siv for letting
me show them on my blog.  Enjoy!


Mr Straightman said...

Always loved Mike Lacey's art, especially the covers he did for Fleetway annuals.

Kid said...

Top-notch stuff, sure enough.

John Pitt said...

I'm glad you posted it, Kid. I tried googling it from S&V's comment, but I just kept coming up with the Marvel "It, the Living Colossus".

Kid said...

You've lost me, JP. Remind me, what comment was that? (I'm tired.)

John Pitt said...

On the ”Is a bell...." post, S&V mention "It! The Living Colossus" and I thought the artwork they were referring to was their parody of it.

Kid said...

Ah, right. I thought you meant you were being directed to a link from a comment to ITLC.

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